love is a verb…

My boyfriend started a new job two weeks ago.  Since we’ve been together, he’s been “retired”.  He took a 3 year break from a stressful career, got divorced and re-met me (we knew each other when we were just college kids).   He’s been spending his free time chilling out with his dog and with me and my children, preparing himself […]

Julia Child – guru for a yoga teacher

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking yoga teaching you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” – Julia Child I have long considered Julia Child to be on my list of role models.  When I was a little girl in the early 1970’s, it seemed like my parents watched her on television […]

the news of Whitney Houston’s death stirs up memories…

The news of Whitney Houston’s death comes out of the blue, yet is not surprising.  Like the news of any death, it comes on a regular day amidst ordinary activities.  I was at the cash machine making a deposit when I received a text message from my boyfriend.  “Did you hear that Whitney Houston died?”.  As always when hearing such […]

my daddy was a philosophy professor and all I got was this lousy question…

My father made a living as a philosophy professor.  I grew up in a small college town, so it wasn’t unusual to know kids whose parents were academics, but out in the real world, I have only met one other person who grew up a bona fide philosopher’s daughter.  It’s not like I’m part of […]

negotiating teen freedom at the breakfast table

This morning I had a lengthy post-sleepover conversation at the breakfast table with my daughter and three of her friends on the subject of their freedom (or lack thereof).  They were a little bent out of shape because they felt that I, and the other parents, had rained on their parade last night by not allowing them […]

daydreaming of summer rivers

The first days of February hearken a bleak stretch of winter burnout that is part and parcel of life in the Pacific Northwest.  Flashbacks of summers past infiltrate my thoughts as I go about my daily business. The first green buds and shoots are popping out on bushes and trees and pushing tentatively through the soil, teasing me with their promise of the warmth and sunshine to come.  […]