lame cliches and other pathetic social networking behavior – a little rant

Here are a few things I am REALLY TIRED of seeing on facebook, in blogs, or blog comments or anywhere else on the web for that matter:

-The expression “Wow!  Just wow!”.

-The word “snarky”.

-The word “hysterical” to describe anything other than that which is TRULY hysterical, which does not include 99% of that which is labeled hysterical on the internet.  This word is chronically overused.

-The use of any expression or phrase that describes any liquid shooting out of the nose of the author to indicate said “hysteria”.

Brown-nosing or sucking up to popular bloggers or famous people via the comment section of any social networking website, or in the case of WordPress, those who are “Freshly Pressed” (i.e. blatant social-climbing).  This is, of course, to be distinguished from genuine comments, compliments and networking, which are always appropriate and appreciated.

-I like a good drink at the end of the day as much as the next gal, but come on, constant banter about needing wine and cocktails and laughing about being drunk should be reserved for teenagers and alcoholics.  And for those of us who aren’t teenagers or alcoholics, we don’t really think being drunk is funny any longer, nor do we want to hear about it all the time.  Have a drink and act like a grown up.

Wow, just wow!  Thank you sooo much for allowing me this snarky blog post.  Have I mentioned you are HYSTERICAL?  I need a glass of wine after writing this!!!!! I always need a glass of wine to survive writing these blog posts!!! Ohmigosh I am  laughing so hard the wine just shot out of my nose!!!!

See what I mean?


11 thoughts on “lame cliches and other pathetic social networking behavior – a little rant

  1. Wow. You go girl. I’d like to say that I don’t find myself ANYWHERE on this page….but the trolling freshly pressed part? Occasionally guilty…but only when I’m drunk.

    Loved this. =)

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