grieving with Trayvon Martin’s mom

How can she bear to fold his Levis, one last time?  What to do with the Adidas he got for his birthday now? Now that he has been gunned down by a stranger.

It is hard sometimes to fold my oldest son’s laundry, and he’s still alive.  I pray he will outlive me.  I pray for all of them in their hoodies and sagging pants with their boxers sticking out the top.  They all want to be famous, but not for this.

And what of George Zimmerman’s mom? Raising her son Catholic, to grow up and murder an innocent child.  How can she go on?

I hope there is at least a small measure of consolation for Trayvon’s mom that millions are outraged, millions are marching and speaking out.   And that countless other mothers like myself are grieving with her for Trayvon, and for our own sons and daughters and the world they’re inheriting.

7 thoughts on “grieving with Trayvon Martin’s mom

  1. I cannot imagine the grief and anger that young man’s parents are experiencing. This kind of senseless, unfathomable violence is what inevitable when the law allows untrained citizens to assume the role of law enforcer.

  2. As usual another brilliant post. You see the poetry in daily life but you keep it real and challenge us. Thanks for reminding us about the poignant nature of the little things like laundry and faith that pundits fail to mention.

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