11th hour ghost blogger

ghost blogging for my friend Ki in the last hours of the Hatha Yoga Center…

Ki McGraw

The indomitable spirit of Ms. Ki McGraw was in full effect both this morning and this evening in the waning hours leading up to the destruction of the lovely old Hatha Yoga Center building.  This morning I arrived for the last class ever to be held in the old building. In my usual last minute rush, I stopped dead in my tracks as I could see Ki standing in front of a student, hands in Anjali mudra, gazing at him as he recounted his grief over yesterday’s horrifying shooting in the University District just blocks away.  He checked-in sadly about the loss of his friends and fellow circus performers in the cafe.  He pulled out a red foam clown nose and declared that he would wear it during class in tribute to his lost friends.  Needless to say, I was overcome with emotion as I’m sure others were as well, and was unable to speak to do my own check-in.  As always at the HYC there was a box of…

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