staring down the barrel of September…

Yesterday was my daughter’s first day of her junior year of high school, and my son starts his 7th grade year at a new middle school next week.  I’m in the middle of  a rude and abrupt awakening from the endless-summer fantasy I’ve indulged myself in these past few weeks.  Like always in the month of August, I’ve had that stupid “mother-amnesia” thing […]

Football: a “lower-conciousness sport”?

Somehow I ended up giving birth to a bunch of athletic kids.  All three of my children (two boys age 19 and 12, and daughter 16) have been capable, if not gifted, at nearly every sport and physical activity they’ve chosen to pursue.  My youngest son’s first word was “ball”.  As soon as he was able to get his baby-self into a seated position, his favorite way […]

It’s my bloggy and I’ll write about my period if I want to! or “Don’t be a Sharer-Hater”

Some people seem to have a deep and abiding urge to share their innermost thoughts and feelings.  I am one of those people.  While I recognize this can be one of my most precious personality traits, I am also aware that it is a tendency that has the potential to cause hurt.  Now that I am a grown up, mature 46-year-old lady, I can look back […]

you’re bloody right it was a bad night last night!

Last night was the third night in a row that I failed to sleep properly. (I know, isn’t this already shaping up to be a fascinating blog post?  Keep reading, it gets even more interesting!)  Two nights ago there was a super dramatic heat wave (3 days in a row over 80 degrees in Seattle) and I was TOO HOT TO SLEEP, and the […]

Nothing new under the sun – a mother ponders some pop hits of the summer of 2012

I was chatting with a couple of people at a party last weekend about recent pop hits, a subject on which I am vastly knowledgeable on account of being a mom of teenagers (I use my children as a front to quench my ongoing desire for crappy pop music). As a child I was passionate about AM radio, Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 , American Bandstand, Soul Train, and Solid Gold.  […]

a mid-summer checklist for feral adolescents

As a mother of three adolescents, my attempts at a calm, somewhat detached emotional state are constantly tested by fluctuating sensations of pure joy and total terror.  My extreme emotional reactions are usually in response to their activities and behaviors, or to recollection of my own at their age.  Outside of sitting continuously in meditation, there is no detachment practice strong enough […]