The girl and and the tree of protection and favors.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a wooden castle on a quiet street which was named for the tree of protection and favors. There in the castle on that street, she and her prince made a home where they could raise their two children. Soon they brought a third baby to their castle, a big-cheeked, round-eyed, fuzzy-headed object of love, and he found his place in their brood. Many things were happening around them while the girl was carrying the baby in her belly and in her arms. Some of these things were scary, sad things that were previously unknown to them, like paralyzing sickness, death by wild animals with big, sharp teeth, and airplanes crashing into tall buildings and knocking them down on top of people. On that street the girl tried hard to make sure the others stayed happy while all the bad things were happening.  She was told of a God who lived up in the sky above them and she became convinced that the God could answer her prayers and save them all.  She wanted this desperately, but that God only made her sadder and sadder every day.  She dragged that God around with her until she finally became so exhausted that the world went black around her and she collapsed.

After collapsing, she woke up into a world that was new and different than the one she had known before. It took her awhile to shake off the darkness, and during that time she wept profusely. Her tears made a pool into which she could see a reflection of herself standing precariously on the edge of a swirling black hole which threatened to swallow her up again for good.  When she was able to back away far enough from the pool of tears with it’s scary reflections, and she came to a safer place, she realized that she could no longer imagine the old sky God. She then began venturing away from the castle by herself to look for a new God. Sometimes she left through a magic portal inside the castle where all sorts of fascinating stories were endlessly unfolding before her eyes. Sometimes she left through the front door of the castle and strode out into the night and visited temples where people worshipped idols, and she tentatively took her place among them and lost herself in the worshipping.

While she was gone, some animals came to live in the castle and helped to clean up the mess that had been made in her absence.  She was sad and horrified to know that these particular animals had taken up residence in the castle with her children, but she was later assured by a beautiful fairy that they had come there to help her.  She and the prince no longer slept together in the castle, and agreed that they would live on opposite hillsides, and that their children would always be welcome in either of their new homes.

In her new home the girl began a new life, and again some creatures came through to help her.  Here also, her Fairy Godmother finally appeared and cast many spells upon her and her children until she was ready to learn how to cast the spells herself.  Her Fairy Godmother also helped her build an indestructible temple in her heart for love.  When the temple was ready, a different prince appeared whom she had known before, and he shared the new home with her. He was a loyal and happy prince, and he brought another helper animal to live there too.  Because she had grown to be a wise girl, she didn’t forget the dangers of the pool of tears with it’s reflection of the swirling black hole, and the idol worshipping, and the magic portal to the unfolding stories. But she also knew that the love which filled the temple she had built in her heart was the one true thing that could save her, and she no longer feared the hold that any of those other things had on her.  And because of this, she lived happily ever after.

The end.

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