Hey boys! Wanna do something nice for yer lady…?

…or your man, as the case may be?  I have some great ideas.  This post is inspired by my magnificent friend Le Clown over at A Clown on Fire who enlisted my help with Bloggers for Movember.  And since I am, like his beautiful wife Sara who blogs at Laments and Lullabies, a procrastinator, here is my 11th-hour Movember men’s health […]

I’m grateful for old white men.

To express my heartfelt gratitude for old white men, let me look no further than my own sweet father.  He is 73, which I suppose makes him old-ish by young people standards.  My dad is, hands down, one of my favorite people in the whole world. He is quite traditional in many ways, one might even go so […]

A variation on The Golden Rule: “Do unto yourself as you would have yourself do unto others”

I’ve had a lot of “duh!” moments throughout my life, where suddenly, the veil is lifted, and a seemingly simple truth I’ve heard many times is revealed to me like never before. Sometimes it’s a big concept, and sometimes it’s just something small my mother told me years ago that I could’ve heeded and spared myself some trouble.  While it’s always gratifying to have […]

A difficult story to tell…

Recently I participated in a brief exchange on Facebook on the topic of sexual assault.  The person who initiated the discussion was upset by the comments following an article at Jezebel.com written by a woman who had been sexually assaulted on the street.  Apparently the nature of the offending comments were of the “I would’ve broken his hand!” variety.  My friend’s premise in […]