our stellar evolution

You, with your relative youth
your pout, your upward gaze.
A young stellar object.
And me, in front of you by decades.
I see you as if in a mirror, behind me
coming up fast in your body
a month now perhaps for every year
I’ve practiced being alive.

I’m a supernova to your protostar.
You are contracting, building mass
not so far behind me at all.
In fact, it could all be happening at once
though clocks run slow when gravity’s pull is strong.
Together we make shapes with our bodies
we reach down to reach up, we breathe.
But we speak a different language
and I forget that sometimes.

You want to know things you cannot know
without the passing of time
and the shaping of your muscle and bone by habit.
You cannot keep contracting forever.

Until the time comes for you to know
wait with your heart open.
Trust that the cage of your bones will protect it
and that your skin will be a boundary
to keep all that juiciness of yours
from spilling out all over the place.

We will become remnants, dust.
Ultimately the difference between us, nil.
It is a relief to know that in this universe
there are no dead stars yet, and
even the most ancient of stars still radiate light.

Because you and I, we prefer to shine.

17 thoughts on “our stellar evolution

  1. You are not those bodies,
    You are spirit souls
    The body’s just a lump of clay
    Destined to grow cold.
    Michael Cassidy – A Change of Heart

    Your daughter is never too young to know
    the most important thing, She is an eternal soul,
    was here before her birth in your womb
    will be here a billion lifetimes hence.

    Unless she learns the simple truth your poem Missrepresents
    You are not matter, at core nor are the very stars.
    So don’t Misslist her, or your, education. Bhagavad-gita tells it well
    And any age can reckon how simple a Truth it is to tell.

    Hare Krishna, as in my ongoing struggle to recognize my best friend Krishna. Yours too. Jnana

    • Not sure how to respond to your critique of my poetic creativity, other than to say that though there are many ways to attempt to express truth with words, none will ever hit the mark dead on, not even your beloved Bhagavad-gita, though it is certainly an inspired masterpiece of human creation.

      Running the risk of sounding defensive, which is not my intention, we are all entitled to do so with as much creative/poetic license as we wish, especially in our own spaces.

      • Well, I am an obnoxious character, please forgive, your poetry is great, it is the direction I was concerned about. Today in our Srimad Bhagavatam class the verse repeated the biblical theme from dust to dust, the similar direction of your poem. Your conclusion bothered me in my ongoing attempt to realize my eternal spiritual nature. Which i think is more beneficial for living entity to realize than the temporality of our existence. The speaker played on this theme and I asked a question. Why the bible, and now I could see in the Bhagavatam, does this Dust to Dust theme get so much play if we are in fact eternal souls incapable of perishing. The answer given was good. First the vanity of the living entity needs be vanquished, all our achievements in this world do indeed come to nothing, to cosmic dust. Then the good news is that we are eternal and our real life can begin in the spiritual world with God, (when these bodies are disposed of) reciprocating in loving exchanges with Krishna the all attractive person. Or we can as souls return to the material world and take on another body and as your analogy ran burn out again, and again, and again.
        Its okay to go on the defensive, I put people in that mode a lot, and it is my short coming to do so, not theirs to be so. I like your space and your introspections.I just have more to say than a word or two of congratulations. Forgive me,
        mayapur.tv/ will have today’s class recorded if all went well..
        Pancharatna is the speaker.

      • I wrote the long defense below and them re-read your reply. Your comment that the Bhagavad-gita is of human creation is a Missconception. God, who created the billions of supernovas and dwarfs suns and who has the time to play in this way can do anything, even come personally to this planet and explain Himself. Bhagavad-git is literally “the song of God”
        Oh no! God can’t do that, He can create heaven and earth, Hawaii and the Bronx but he can’t be a person, can’t logically express his supreme mystic potency. No God can’t do that. But that is the agnostic/athiestic dilemma, isn’t it? Limiting God makes me more God than God, i know what He can and can’t do.
        Come on. Gotta love ya, Miss.

  2. Whoa. You write poetry, too?
    Wow. You write poetry well!


    See how eloquent I am? 😉

    I’m actually quite pleased with how far I’ve come to enjoying, no, liking, no, understanding, yes, that’s it – understanding, a poem.

    Like art, I detested poetry in school and later.

    Unlike art, I’ve discovered that poems convey much more than those few words squished into abrupt-looking, incomplete-feeling sentences.

    Since I get the premise/gist now, well, my interpretation of a poem that is, I’m happy that I can understand beyond the obvious words.


    • Kate,

      Poetry feels to me very intimidating to write, but also very liberating. I guess there’s a lot of different types of poetry, I suppose for me writing poetry is like sculpting or painting with words. I don’t have a template, for me I suppose it’s expressionistic. Thanks for coming by. Chris

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