underneath that rock

it looked so ordinary, inert, that rock on the ground
but underneath was a whole world
seething with life
a thousand things you upset
with your profound ignorance and offhanded curiosity

in addition to the grains of sand and dirt
there were hundreds, perhaps thousands
of beating hearts, tiny lives you disrupted
some burrowing deeper upon your clumsy arrival
some coming up for air and light, from which
perhaps they were hiding for their own good reasons

you can put that rock back where you found it
and the life underneath will reorganize itself
healing is a natural imperative
but for every action there is a reaction
be assured it will not be the same under there
and you will never really know how you changed it

4 thoughts on “underneath that rock

  1. Karma is a reaction we can’t really calculate
    It’s so very hard to update
    And if you discover it too late
    Your fate still will not wait.

    Your poems inspire me despite my being fanatically indisposed most of the time. Hare Krishna.

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