fierce young man
stone-faced, with warrior gaze
uninitiated on the battlefield
uncertain of your foe

your enemy is upon you
but is unrecognizable to you
you will not see it advancing this time
until it is too late

for this rival
you cannot prepare with flintlock, with sword
or with any man-made weapon
though you are armed to the teeth

your ardor itself is not your downfall
your desire must remain constant
but to win your battle
you must surrender your goal


3 thoughts on “summons

  1. Humm, there just might be something in this for me,
    but me, I am too old to learn.
    At least, when I think I am this body,
    Ever youthful spirit soul, i hope to journey on
    More positive, less defensive, enjoying the battle
    The decisive, key battle that cannot ever be lost.

    You didn’t miss the target this time, Miss Listed…

    • 🙂 thanks for the inspiration to write more! I am on a poetry jag. I am considering just having a separate poetry blog. I suppose it doesn’t really matter, it’s more of an organization thing.

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