found memoir 3 – “I was a mom and therefore invisible”

therefore invisible
therefore invisible 2
*NOTE: This post is part of an ongoing impressionistic memoir of sorts which I will compile in this blog. I intend to create this memoir one post at a time with pieces of writing from my past which I have recently found in old boxes while attempting to clean up and organize my belongings. I will not concern myself with posting them in chronological order, nor will I attempt to explain myself or date them. They are part of my history no matter how I feel about them now.

2 thoughts on “found memoir 3 – “I was a mom and therefore invisible”

  1. What a neat idea, to post your old journal entries. I’m goofing off at work reading them! I might copy your idea, if you don’t mind. This one reflects me feelings exactly when I was a young, new mother. Heck, I still feel invisible now! I was also struck by the fact that while pregnant, people were SO solicitous of me, opening doors, offering to carry things, but after I had two under two and all of their gear to lug around, people seemed to ignore my struggles. What’s up with that?

    • Please do copy my idea! I thought I was going to post a whole lot more of these, but as is typical of me, I got distracted. I don’t know what’s up with that. It all seems so long ago…and I guess it was.

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