found memoir 4 – “all I want is to have a happy home”

all I want is a happy home
*NOTE: This post is part of an ongoing impressionistic memoir of sorts which I will compile in this blog. I intend to create this memoir one post at a time with pieces of writing from my past which I have recently found in old boxes while attempting to clean up and organize my belongings. I will not concern myself with posting them in chronological order, nor will I attempt to explain myself or date them. They are part of my history no matter how I feel about them now.

4 thoughts on “found memoir 4 – “all I want is to have a happy home”

  1. >I feel very loving about the speck inside me …
    – Aww! Your daughter must feel so loved!

    I used to love listening to my dad tell me about his and Mum’s reactions on the day Mum confirmed she was pregnant with me and about the day I was born.

    Daddy told my brother, sister and I these stories of each of us on our birthday morning. When we were little, it was before we went to Mass and then, school. In our high school years, it would be at the lunch table.

    I think my rock solid self-esteem was sown and nurtured with those stories primarily.

    My parents wanted me and loved me even before I was born. All ye naysayers in my life, hike on! 😉


    • Hi Kate, My parents used to tell me the story of my birth in such detail and with such love, it made it impossible to not feel loved and feel important. I still feel that way. I hope my children do too, because they were so eagerly anticipated, and so loved, each and every one of them. It is harder when divorce occurs, because it calls into question some of these things. But I have tried to keep that message clear with them, that although their father and I are no longer together, they were made out of pure love, and held in love and that will never change.

  2. I’m not religious or superstitious, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I blow out birthday candles, or an eyelash off my finger, or a dandelion’s puff, I wish for my family to be happy and healthy.

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