found memoir 5 – “life in prison is not easy to bear”

letter from a prisoner 10001
letter from a prisoner 10002
letter from a prisoner 10003
*NOTE: This post is part of an ongoing impressionistic memoir of sorts which I will compile in this blog. I intend to create this memoir one post at a time with pieces of writing from my past which I have recently found in old boxes while attempting to clean up and organize my belongings. I will not concern myself with posting them in chronological order, nor will I attempt to explain myself or date them. They are part of my history no matter how I feel about them now.


4 thoughts on “found memoir 5 – “life in prison is not easy to bear”

  1. You wrote to a prisoner? Why? What made you think of doing this in the first place? Were you scared at any point? How did that pen friendship end?


    P.S.: I’m enjoying your ‘Found Memoir’ series. The matter itself, of course, but I’m also digging the, um, scribbling and the type writer print.

  2. I came across as a right royal ignoramus with my barrage of questions, didn’t I? I apologise, Chris, if you think I was out of place or being judgemental. The very opposite, in fact. I was very excited! Because back in 2007, I had visited a prison to chat with the inmates.

    I had never even thought about this segment of society until then, and did not even know we could visit them. I was inspired by a blog post like yours. So I did my research and went ahead.

    I shared my experience in a newsletter with my contacts back then. Time to dig into my personal archives and share that time with a wider audience, me thinks.

    I like to credit people when they help out in any way with my posts. Since this post of yours jogged my memory, would it be alright if I quoted your post when(ever it is) I write about my time with some prisoners?


    • Kate you have blanket permission to use any of my posts for whatever you like. Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting. I was not offended in any way by your questions, just pre-occupied. I do not remember very much about all of this letter writing with the inmate, which is why it fascinated me. But I have always been interested in such things, as long as I can remember.

      • You wrote! And you said ‘OK’! Thanks, Chris!

        Yes, I was concerned about your silence because, despite Dad and Mum regularly telling me it ain’t so, I still think that everything in this world is about me! 😉

        Right. Now I can comfortably go ahead with that post.

        I like to look for themes based on events in the month, but it doesn’t always work. I also have my topics slotted out almost a year ahead. Yup, bit of a robot. Will see where I can fit this one in.

        I’m really happy to go back to that time of my life, too. Looking forward to sharing it out here. I mean, over at mine. 🙂

        Oh, and thanks for the blanket permission. Is there a badge for it that I can stick on my blog? Uh-huh, feels THAT good to be blanket permission-ed. 🙂

        Have a good weekend, Chris!


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