That awkward moment…(when you’re 46)

This morning I was wrenched abruptly out of a deep sleep by my wretched cell-phone alarm, just in time to drive my 16-year-old daughter to school.  She was awake when I went to bed and awake when I woke up.  How does she do this?  She’s in the prime sleeping years of her life!  I slogged up the stairs, puffy-eyed, in my […]

girls on film

There seem to be several popular genres of photos that teenage girls find suitable for posting on Facebook.  There’s the provocative self-portrait:  head tilted slightly upward towards iPhone or webcam, challenging the camera with a dramatic “who meeeeee?” expression, pursed lips (now commonly referred to as “duckface”), with optional cleavage, bare belly (common amongst those with navel piercing) and/or upside down peace fingers.  Also popular is the posed standing shot: […]