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A blog about my life in Seattle as mother of 3 adolescents, sister, daughter, girlfriend, yoga teacher, meditator, mediator, clinic manager, nature appreciator, star-gazer, observer, contemplator, witness, seeker, finder, laugher, crier, lover of people, and blurter-outer of all sorts of nonsense.

31 thoughts on “About misslisted

  1. OK I’m TOTALLY confused. Do you have two blogs? Your short hair pic/long hair pic totally threw me off! Are you a spy? Is my Gemininess spreading? Am I just tired? What is going on? Please advise. =)

    • hmm…I have long hair, and recently changed my pic to the one you see with the purple shirt where my hair is pulled up, is that what you’re talking about or are you just totally fatigued from your recent fame and fortune? only one blog…as for the spy thing, isn’t the whole blogging thing kindof spy-ish? I’m a little voyeuristic and a little exhibitionistic, but totally harmless I promise.

  2. It’s nice to meet you here! I am trying to get into Yoga, so I’ll enjoy your thoughts about that… One seeker to another, have a wonderful week!

  3. This is a brave and thoughtful blog that will mean so much to other survivors. I was a RAINN online hotline volunteer for two years, and I know how much confusion and self-blame is out there. Words like these are eventually going to bring about a brighter day in the way sexual violence is looked at.

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  5. Cool – I found you thorough a link to your amazing recent post, but had no idea you’re here in the PNW, a nature lover, meditator and clinic manager – I’m a recently transplanted social worker and nature/wonder lover who used to live in a Buddhist monastery. Looking forward to following your blurtings and nonsense – both of which I wholeheartedly encourage.

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  8. Hare Krishna. Just read Knew I Could Get Through a …
    I got in trouble with that word when I had a cast of actors read Celibate in Chelsea. Funny, it referred to the big bang (evolution of the universe) as a Rape of the Mind. Some folks cold not handle the word. But you can now, your maturity is hard won, but you have it.
    I enjoyed your frank telling, it was chilling and sad. No one should be forced to do anything under the threat of violence. The world being what it is, a prison for those of us who have chosen to ignore the All Good, we suffer. No mental arrangement of self forgiveness will suffice to heal scars, what to speak of open wounds.
    What is ultimately required is escape from this plane of existence. The chant Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare opens the door to the transcendent world where love is the stock and trade offered to every living entity by the personification of the All Good God. Surrender is the solution, no successful sailor tries to sail against the tide.
    You mentioned Idols and being confused in your story of the Princess in the Wooden Castle. I just wondered…or was that even your story…perhaps i am confused, if you knew Krishna?
    If you knew Krishna like i know Krishna, oh oh oh what a guy! If we keep trying one of these life times we’ll get it right. Have fun thank you for attaining absolution.

  9. Hello, Yes, the word “rape” doesn’t come out of my mouth easily. You are right to say it was “hard won”. I have a visceral reaction when I hear it and say it, but it is a powerful and evocative word, and well, it’s just a word, and it’s the truth of what happened to me.

    Yes, I sat down and wrote the princess allegory one night re: my life. Thank you for sharing your passion for Krishna…I am familiar, perhaps I shall make this my mantra for a while and see…

  10. Krishna’s name and His self are non-different. When one chants attentively direct association with God takes place. It is mystical. we tend to be so mundane in our desires and ambitions we neglect this opportunity to get close to the Supreme Personality. Yes, chant and see, no one appreciates you like Krishna, no one can love us like He does. God resides in the heart of every living being, simply waiting for us to desire to return to His spiritual abode and loving embrace. You are an exceptional person. Don’t take exception to His offering of Himself to you by this simple method of chanting. thank you for giving me this opportunity to write you and for your confession and for being a princess. Hare Krishna.

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